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Title: Notes on light
Medium: Analog photography, video, artistbook and installation
Dimentions: variable
Date: 2013

Light and time is interconnected in many ways but in photography the two are inseparable. With light it is possible to look back in time, to see stars being born in distant galaxies millions of years ago. We cannot travel in time but we can look.

According to Roland Barthes “Every photograph is a certificate of presence”, someone has placed him or herself in front of the little hole in the front of the camera and has stayed there forever. And Niepce, the photographer of the first photograph must have wondered; what is this? The ectoplasm of “what-had-been”: neither image nor reality, a new being, a reality one can no longer touch.

Ectoplasm is said to disappear when hit by light, that is if they exists.

Notes on light is a project inspired by the interconnection between light and time. Things has occurred as from nowhere or from the process itself, the approach is an experimental way of using the camera as a recorder of something performed in front of the small hole as long as the shutter is open, or on video.






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